Athenaeum, the go-to wine bookstore in Beaune, presents an exceptional collection of technical works on wine. Explore our curated selection covering all aspects of oenology. From viticulture to tasting, dive into the wealth of wine knowledge with high-quality books.

  • Oenology & winemaking

    Explore the art of oenology and winemaking through our curated collection of captivating books. From vine cultivation to the intricacies of fermentation, delve into the world of wine with meticulously chosen works. Enhance your wine knowledge and elevate your oenological experience with our specialized library at Athenaeum.

  • Viticulture

    Athenaeum, the ultimate destination for wine enthusiasts, presents an outstanding selection of books on viticulture. Explore our online bookstore and immerse yourself in captivating works that unveil the secrets of grape cultivation. From Burgundy to worldwide vineyards, our educational collection takes you to the heart of the wine country.

  • Grapes

    Athenaeum invites you to explore our rich collection of books on grape varieties, offering a captivating immersion into the world of vines. Discover detailed works, expert guides, and compelling narratives on grape varieties from around the globe. Immerse yourself in knowledge, explore the unique characteristics of each grape, and be guided by our passionate wine experts.

  • Terroir & soil

    Athenaeum, the premier wine bookstore in Beaune, brings you an exceptional collection of books on Terroir & Soil. Explore the essence of vineyards through captivating works, available worldwide on our site. Dive into the richness of terroirs, discover the influence of soil on wines from around the globe.

  • Management & Law

    Athenaeum invites you to explore our exclusive collection of books on management and law in the world of wine. Immerse yourself in compelling works that blend legal expertise and managerial know-how, providing a unique perspective on the intricate world of wine.

  • Organic, biodynamic &...

    Explore our curated collection of books on organic farming, biodynamics, and permaculture in the realm of wine. Delve into sustainable practices and environmentally friendly approaches, providing a holistic perspective on viticulture.

  • BnF reissue

    Explore our collection of books on "Réédition BnF" in Athenaeum's wine library in Beaune. Immerse yourself in the history of wine through carefully curated authentic works. Order online and delve into the cultural richness of the wine world.

  • WSET

    Athenaeum presents an exquisite collection of books on WSET, providing in-depth expertise in the art of wine. Dive into the nuances of wines from around the world through our carefully curated works, and refine your oenological knowledge.

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