WSET, an acronym for Wine & Spirit Education Trust, is an internationally recognized brand in the world of wine and spirits. Founded in 1969, this non-profit organization is committed to providing high-quality education and professional qualifications in the beverage industry. Through its comprehensive learning programs, WSET enables wine enthusiasts, hospitality professionals, sommeliers, and marketing experts like us to hone their wine knowledge and develop their skills in tasting, selling, and managing beverages.

The WSET brand embodies excellence and rigor in wine education. By offering courses suitable for all levels, from beginner to expert, WSET offers an unparalleled learning platform for all wine lovers who want to deepen their knowledge and stand out in the wine industry. Whether you are a curious consumer, a restaurant professional or an avid wine merchant, the certification programs will allow WSET to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine.

Through a highly qualified faculty and hands-on pedagogical approach, students WSET...


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