Wine mapping: combining business with pleasure

"One of the great mysteries of Burgundy lies in this observation: at first glance, all its vines look the same. And yet, when tasting, an infinite number of nuances appear," explains Laurent Gotti. From this point of view, the vineyard maps provide immediate insight. At a glance, they bear witness to the diversity of altitudes, exposures, soils, etc., but also, now, thanks to the work of the journalist and author, to the number of operators present on this or that Grand Cru, and therefore to the extreme diversity of interpretations of the terroir in question. "Often hung on the walls of cellars, maps are in fact a very visual and interesting communication medium for winegrowers." Better still, they are often dry as they are, and call for comments from the operator. In short, an invitation to speak. Laurent Gotti understood that. In its atlas Les Grands Crus de Bourgogne, its winegrowers' maps are enriched by the testimonies of geologists, oenologists, producers... Or how to "taste these climats in the smartest way possible", i.e. with full knowledge of the facts. Fun and knowledge.

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