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Welcome to, your reference for quality tasting accessories. In our "Corkscrew" category, we have put together an exceptional selection of essential tools for all wine lovers, from the novice to the experienced oenologist .
The corkscrew is much more than a simple accessory: it is the essential companion of each bottle, guaranteeing smooth and effortless opening. At Athenaeum, we offer you a diverse range of corkscrews, combining practicality, elegance and durability.
Our collection includes classic models and innovative designs, each designed to meet specific needs and to adapt to all situations. Whether you prefer corkscrews sommelier for their precision and efficiency, the lever corkscrews for their ease of use, or electric corkscrews for opening fast and effortless, we have the perfect tool for you.
Each corkscrew in our selection is made with high quality materials, ensuring long life and optimal performance. We collaborate with renowned brands and talented artisans to offer you products that combine aesthetics and functionality.
By choosing a corkscrew from Athenaeum, you are investing in a tool that will not only make opening easier of your bottles, but which will also bring a touch of sophistication to your tastings. Explore our collection and find the corkscrew that matches your style and needs.
With Athenaeum, open your bottles with elegance and confidence, and turn every tasting into a memorable moment.
This is why you will find corkscrews from brands such as Le Creuset, Pulltex, l'Atelier du Vin, Coravin et pleins d'autres !