• Wine Library

    Discover or rediscover the exciting world of wine with this selection of meticulously chosen books for amateurs and enthusiasts. Find books that explore wineries, wine regions, grape varieties, tasting techniques and more. Among this selection, find topics such as food and wine pairings, buying guides, wine tourism, cocktails, spirits, wines and even beer. Whether you're a curious beginner, a seasoned connoisseur, and whatever your passion or level of expertise, this generous collection of wine books is packed with literary treasures that will broaden your knowledge and spark your passion for wine. Let yourself be transported into the wonderful world of wine through the words and pages of sumptuous works.

  • Wine maps

    Discover our selection of wine maps, a must for wine lovers and enthusiasts of wine geography.

    Our selection of detailed maps will allow you to explore the most prestigious wine regions in the world, to understand their unique terroirs and to appreciate the local grape varieties. Plan your next tasting or learn more about wines with our carefully selected wine maps.

    We also offer a wide selection of posters related to the world of wine.

  • Aroma box

    Discover the fascinating world of the scents and aromas of wine and spirits with this selection of discovery boxes designed to develop your olfactory sense.

    A new way of tasting by introducing you to the subtleties of perfumes and flavors to become the master of tasting. Each flavor set is meticulously designed to provide a fun and enriching learning experience.

    The flavour samples are accompanied by detailed explanatory guides, allowing you to understand the characteristics of the different flavours and their relationship to wines and spirits.

    Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned wine lover, these flavor boxes are designed to educate and stimulate your olfactory sense. They're also great for hosting tasting sessions with friends or family, adding an interactive dimension to your experience.

    To give as a gift or to treat yourself, these aroma boxes will take you on a captivating sensory journey to discover the scents and aromas that enrich the world of wine and spirits.

  • Wine objects

    Discover a selection of high quality wine objects at Athenaeum.

    We offer a diverse range of essential accessories and equipment for all wine lovers. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or simply curious, our wine objects will help you fully appreciate each tasting. Browse our collection and find the perfect tools to enhance your wine experience.

    Discover our selection of corkscrews, tasting glasses, decanters, and other objects related to the world of wine.

  • Gastronomic bookstore
  • Tableware
  • Kitchen objects
  • Wines

    Explore our wide and carefully selected selection of white, red, rosé, champagne, sparkling wines, spirits, beers and ciders for all lovers of fine beverages. At Athenaeum, we offer you a diverse selection carefully selected to ensure an exceptional tasting experience. Our wide range of wines is made up of white wines from the best vineyards in the world with fresh and fruity notes, or dry and mineral. Our collection of light or powerful red wines will seduce even the most demanding palates. Celebrate special occasions with our selection of champagnes and sparkling wines. Their sparkling bubbles and delicate flavours will be perfect for your festivities and moments of celebration. Our rums, whiskies, vodkas, gins and many more have been selected for their complex flavours and unique profiles. For lovers of craft beers and refreshing ciders, our selection will satisfy you.

  • Gift Cards

    Give the perfect gift with our gift cards, an invitation to choose from an exclusive range. Give the freedom to select fine wines, elegant accessories or unique wine experiences. Our gift cards are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions and share the passion for wine. Choose the right value and let your loved ones explore the intoxicating world of wine to their heart's content.

  • Champagne and Crémant

    Celebrate the holiday season in sparkling style with our exclusive Christmas selection for champagne enthusiasts. Elevate the festivities with exceptional cuvées, elegant gift sets, and sophisticated accessories. From the effervescent joy to memorable flavors, discover the perfect gift to enchant the champagne aficionados in your life. Make this season a feast of sparkling delights and unforgettable celebrations.

  • Burgundy in celebration

    Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with our exclusive selection for Burgundy lovers. Give the gift of elegance in the bottle with refined vintages, prestigious boxes and top-of-the-range accessories. Every wine tells a story, and this season, let us guide you to authentic delicacies. Make your celebrations a sensory journey through the exceptional terroirs of Burgundy, offering gifts that captivate the palate and amaze the soul.

  • Wine lovers

    Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with our exclusive selection for wine lovers. Offer the exquisite in every bottle, showcasing exceptional vintages, refined boxes and elegant accessories. Every wine tells a story, and this season, let us guide you to authentic delicacies. Transform your celebrations into a sensory journey through the exceptional terroirs of wine, offering gifts that captivate the palate and amaze the soul.

  • Wine Experts

    Discover our Christmas selection exclusively designed for wine experts. Give the gift of the exceptional with rare vintages, limited editions and high-end accessories. Each bottle tells a unique story, revealing the quintessence of the terroirs. This season, amaze connoisseurs with gifts that transcend wine into true art. Let our selection add a touch of elegance and refinement to your festivities.

  • NL Selection

    Discover our exclusive selection of premium items to enrich your wine experience. From exquisite glasses to refined accessories, find the essentials to perfect your tasting moments.

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