The touch of wine: the first portable tool to appreciate the texture of a wine!
  • The touch of wine: the first portable tool to appreciate the texture of a wine!

The touch of wine: the first portable tool to appreciate the texture of a wine!

L'étoffe des terroirs - Master 1247

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Cyrille Tota
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How to use this tool?

1) Discover tactilely each fabric, touch them using the following 3 dimensions:

– Surface modality: palm flat with back and forth movements.

– Method of taking with the fingers: back and forth movements between the fingers.

– Handling modality: the fabrics can be totally manipulated with the hands**.

2) Put the wine in the mouth WITHOUT smelling it**. Continue to handle fabrics simultaneously. It is important to take the time to associate the tactile sensations perceived in the mouth with those perceived with the hands.

3) Choose a fabric from the game, to characterize the texture of the wine tasted. If you hesitate between 2 and you think that the 2 can be suitable, you can retain the 2 fabrics**.

4) Associate the adjectives corresponding to your choice from the list of 18 words retained to verbalize your feelings**.

5) Discuss with your friends your feelings and your personal choices for each wine tasted**.

** Very detailed technical and practical explanations of each step are given in the attached educational booklet. We advise you to read them very carefully before you start using the tool.

Content 8 fabrics: Natural silk, tulle, burlap, velvet, taffeta, felt, denim, satin

Definition of texture & vocabulary of touch
What is texture in tasting? It's the equivalent of touch. It is the set of tactile sensations perceived by the mucous membranes of the mouth: silky, velvety, slimy, fat, astringent, pasty, etc ... It is therefore a component of the quality of taste.

18 qualifiers were retained, on the one hand because they can be used as much to describe the texture of a wine as that of a fabric, on the other hand because they are most frequently used to describe the texture of a wine by touching a material, according to the polysensory study of wine carried out in 2013*.

– Here is the list of adjectives:
Soft, silky, satin, velvety, grainy, raspy
Soft, Flowing (soft, pleasant), Tight, Tense, Stiff
Tender, firm, hard
Fluid, dense, thick

This list is of course not exhaustive, but it will give the user a sufficient vocabulary base to be able to make the best use of the tool and verbalize his tactile sensations.

When you first use the tool with friends, don't tell them the names of the fabrics:
Use "cloth number 1, number 2..." " to talk about fabrics. By doing so, they will have an easier time verbalizing their feelings, without intellectualizing...
It is only after experimenting with several wines that the fabrics will be identified.



Data sheet

Cyrille Tota
English 🇬🇧
French 🇫🇷
L'étoffe des terroirs - Master 1247

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