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Colette Navarre, Patrice Belly
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The objective of this manual is to address the science of wine in its many aspects: from the raw material, the harvested grapes and their chemical constituents, to the diversity of the vineyards, including vinification, winemaking, stabilization treatments, chemical and organoleptic analyses, and tasting. This 8th edition gives a strong place to sustainable lnology with its participatory commitments: respect for the environment, the terroir, food safety and hygiene, training and responsibility of assets, ma of national and European regulatory requirements, traceability of the wine product, evolution of consumer and market demand. As a scientific, technical and practical work, Lnologie aims to be the precise instrument capable of providing students and professionals with the elements necessary for a good understanding of the technological fact Contents: Foreword Acronyms and abbreviations Chapter 1: Raw material 1. Harvest 2. Study of the chemical constituents of healthy harvests 3. Composition of Rotten Grapes 4. Composition of the harvest affected by noble rot 5. Harvest 6. Improvement of the quality of the harvest Chapter 2: Biochemical transformations of the raw material during winemaking 1. Alcoholic fermentation 2. Malolactic fermentation Chapter 3: Sustainable nology Hygiene and the environment 1. Sustainability management in nology 2. Sustainable Lnology 3. Hygiene 4. Wine effluents 5. Organic wine Chapter 4: Operations common to traditional winemaking 1. Mechanical treatment of the harvest 2. Sulphiting 3. MA Alcoholic fermentation 4. MA of malolactic fermentation Chapter 5: Vinification 1. Red wine vinifications 2. Dry white vinification 3. Vinification of rosé wines 4. Production of special wines. Chapter 6: Wine 1. Wine Study 2. Maturation and ageing Chapter 7: Winemaking 1. Ageing of the wine. 2. Bottling 3. Bag-in-box ® Chapter 8: Organoleptic defects in musts and wines Stabilization treatments 1. Microbial alterations 2. Physicochemical accidents. 3. Other organoleptic defects Chapter 9: Wine and health 1. Benefits of wine 2. Harmful effects of wine Chapter 10: Analysis of wines 1. Concept of chemical analyses 2. Organoleptic analysis Tasting 3. Summary of the analyses carried out according to the stages of wine-making Chapter 11: Diversity and universality of vineyards and wine 1. Overview of the wine industry. 2. Overview of the great non-European vineyards 3. Vineyards and wines in the European Union 4. Vineyards and wines of France Bibliography : Index



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Colette Navarre, Patrice Belly
Lavoisier / Tec & Doc
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