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Athenaeum, the place to be for wine and food lovers.

Created in 1989, the Athenaeum is a 1,200 m2 multi-cultural space located in the heart of Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy, opposite the historic Hospices de Beaune. This space is entirely dedicated to wine and gastronomy. Considered a unique site, it is one of the largest bookstores in Burgundy and the absolute reference for all wine lovers .

As the crossroads of passions between cellars and tableware, the Athenaeum is also an online online boutique shop, offering a wide selection of booksof books, vineyard maps, wine-related objects and cuisineand tableware, as well as a selection of fine Burgundy wines. The bookshop boasts over 10,000 titles, including 3,000 specifically on wine and gastronomy, making it a world reference in the field.

Discover nearly 200 Burgundy wines, as well as a carefully selected selection of wines from around the world. Over 100 decanters and wine-related accessories are also available, including glasses à tasting glassestasting corkscrews and gifts such as ties, cufflinks and brooches.

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Our team

Athenaeum, a team of enthusiasts.

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The history of athenaeum de Beaune dates back more than 30 years, to 1989. At the time, its founder, owner of a wine bar in Beaune, Burgundy, and a great enthusiast, decided to create a unique space dedicated to wine and gastronomy.

Thus was born the Athenaeum, the place for wine lovers. From the outset, the bookshop was conceived as a world reference for all wine and food lovers. The Athenaeum was an immediate success with locals and tourists visiting the Burgundy region.

Taken over in 2012 by Chalon-born Vincent Clément, who has enabled the Athenaeum, over the years, to renew and modernize, while remaining true to its roots and values. New products and services were added, such as wines from around the world, wine-related accessories and a selection of original gifts. And today, the company is expanding with its online boutique, enabling visitors to find all the products and services offered by Athenaeum Athenaeumproducts from the comfort of their own homes.

Our values

Athenaeum, a unique experience.

Athenaeum's mission s mission is to offer its customers an exceptional experience. Athenaeum is a company passionate for wine and gastronomy, and makes it a point of honor to pass on this passion to its customers through an exceptional selection of books, wine-related objects and fine wines from Burgundy and around the world.

Among the key values of athenaeum are :

  • Passion this love of wine and gastronomy is at the heart of everything the Athenaeum does. They are proud to share this passion with its customers and help them discover new gustatory horizons.
  • Expertise: The team is made up of experts in wine who are on hand to advise and guide you in your choice of wine. The Athenaeum can also organize tastings and workshops to help you discover the nuances and subtleties of each wine.
  • The quality quality: The Athenaeum is very demanding when it comes to quality, whether in the selection of books, wine service objects or wines. Only top-quality products that meet rigorous criteria are offered.

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