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Luxury Wine Marketing : the art and science of luxury wine branding | Liz Thach MW, Peter Yeung
  • Luxury Wine Marketing : the art and science of luxury wine branding | Liz Thach MW, Peter Yeung

Luxury Wine Marketing : the art and science of luxury wine branding | Liz Thach MW, Peter Yeung

Infinite Ideas Limited

Liz Thach MW, Peter Yeung
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Wine has been considered a luxury product since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and today is coveted by collectors and wine enthusiasts from around the world. Yet little has been written about the world of luxury wine marketing, explaining how a wine brand can enter that special realm. Luxury wine marketing helps to demystify the process by describing how to craft, implement, and maintain a luxury wine brand. Beginning with a definition and history of luxury wine, the authors then explain the unique business model and consumer segments for luxury wine, before outlining industry best practice in the building of luxury wine brands. Each chapter is supplemented with a vignette of a successful luxury brand producer, and provides beneficial advice on the long-term vision and passion that is necessary to create a successful luxury wine marketing strategy.

Ideal for marketing professionals, CEOs and other executives from wine businesses as well as complementary luxury businesses. The book will also be very useful for wine business professors and students, and will appeal to all wine consumers who enjoy learning how a special bottle of luxury wine is crafted and brought to market.

OIV Awards 2020 Special Mention, Vitivinicultural Economy Category

“A meticulously crafted analysis of luxury wine marketing. This book needs to be on every wine executive’s desk.”

Glyn Atwal, Associate Professor, Burgundy School of Business, France and co-author of Luxury Brands in China and India.

“A thorough and enjoyable examination of the past, present and future of the global luxury wine business – a somewhat elusive, yet highly sought-after sector, particularly in Asia. With extensive focus on practical approaches and real-life case studies, it is a must-read for those focused on developing successful strategies to compete in the luxury wine space.”

Debra Meiburg, MW, Founding Director, Meiburg Wine Media, Hong Kong

“The wine market has usually been divided into beverage/commercial wine and premium. Although luxury wine exists, there has never been a reference to analyse and understand the luxury wine market, from history to management to marketing, and even to manage imitations and counterfeits. Peter Yeung and Liz Thach have now provided an outstanding book that covers all the issues and guidelines in developing and managing a luxury wine brand. Highly recommended for wine industry professionals, wineries, and students of wine business.”

Dr Larry Lockshin, Professor of Wine Marketing, University of South Australia

“An insightful look into marketing wine that goes beyond Marketing 101. Liz and Peter have brought their unique perspectives and knowledge to share with others in the wine business. For marketers and executives this is an indispensable reference.”

Heidi Barrett, Winemaker, La Sirena/Barrett & Barrett, Napa Valley, California

“Yeung and Thach tackle an interesting and often misunderstood subject with diligence and care, offering a framework that is sure to stimulate understanding and progress.”

Jean-Michel Valette, MW, Chairman, Vinfolio, USA

“To be successful in any luxury business, it is important to understand the specialized type of marketing that is necessary to engage with luxury consumers. This book provides an excellent overview of how to accomplish this successfully in the world of global luxury wine.”

Tom Bonomi, Kistler Vineyards, Sonoma County, California



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Liz Thach MW, Peter Yeung
English 🇬🇧
Infinite Ideas
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