The Nose of Wine: The Duo Set of 24 White Wines and Red Wines
  • The Nose of Wine: The Duo Set of 24 White Wines and Red Wines
  • The Nose of Wine: The Duo Set of 24 White Wines and Red Wines

The Nose of Wine: The Duo Set of 24 White Wines and Red Wines

Jean Lenoir

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Le Nez du Vin contains a collection of aromas to smell accompanied by one or more books to allow you to progress quickly in tasting.

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The Duo includes :

- 24 fundamental aromas of white wines (including champagnes) and red wines, extracted from the collection of the
large model 54 aromas :

12 white wine aromas:

  • Fruity notes : 1 lemon, 2 grapefruit, 4 pineapple, 6 lychee, 8 muscat, 10 pear;
  • floral notes : 24 hawthorn, 27 honey;
  • Vegetal note : 37 blackcurrant bud; animal rating: 47 butter;
  • Toasted notes : 48 toast, 50 toasted hazelnut.

12 red wine aromas:

  • Fruity notes : 12 strawberry, 13 raspberry, 15 blackcurrant, 17 blackberry, 18 cherry;
  • floral note : 29 violet;
  • vegetal notes : 30 green pepper, 32 truffle, 36 liquorice, 40 vanilla, 43 pepper;
  • Toasted note: 54 Smoky note.

- A general book that explains the origin of wine aromas, how the sense of smell works, and gives advice on how to better taste and refine your olfactory memory:
What are primary, secondary, and tertiary flavors? What is the difference between an aroma and a smell? how to train with Le Nez du Vin? ...

- a book specific to red wines that reveals how, by grape variety and by vineyard, from France and the world, the 12 key aromas manifest themselves:
What are the characteristic aromas of Pinot Noir? Saint-Émilion reds? in which appellations, from France and the world, am I likely to identify the violet aroma? ...

- A book specific to white wines also makes the link between aromas and wines:
Which grape variety produces, at the time of vinification, a characteristic blackcurrant bud note? What is the traditional grape variety of the Montagne de Reims? ...

Illustrations and great white and red wines from France and the world are cited as examples. Already a vast field to practice.

Cloth book-box, carmine red, closed format 30.5 x 23.7 x 4.8 cm, weight 1,350 kg.
Made in France. The flavours are guaranteed for 5 years. A box can be kept for up to ten years in good conditions.



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Jean Lenoir