Le Nez du Vin: The large box set of 54 aromas
  • Le Nez du Vin: The large box set of 54 aromas
  • Le Nez du Vin: The large box set of 54 aromas
  • Le Nez du Vin: The large box set of 54 aromas
  • Le Nez du Vin: The large box set of 54 aromas

Le Nez du Vin: The large box set of 54 aromas

Jean Lenoir

THE Jean Lenoir reference to develop your sense of smell and better analyse the wines you taste.

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The large model contains:

- Set in a very refined book-case, 54 high-quality aromas come to life in your olfactory memory and find a real resonance in great wines:

  • Fruity notes : 1 lemon, 2 grapefruit, 3 orange, 4 pineapple, 5 banana, 6 lychee, 7 melon, 8 muscat, 9 apple, 10 pear, 11 quince, 12 strawberry, 13 raspberry, 14 redcurrant, 15 blackcurrant, 16 blueberry, 17 blackberry, 18 cherry, 19 apricot, 20 peach, 21 almond (frangipane), 22 prune, 23 walnuts;
  • Floral notes : 24 hawthorn, 25 acacia, 26 linden, 27 honey, 28 rose, 29 violet;
  • vegetal notes : 30 green pepper, 31 mushroom, 32 truffle, 33 wine lees, 34 cedar, 35 pine, 36 liquorice, 37 blackcurrant bud (or boxwood), 38 cut hay, 39 thyme, 40 vanilla, 41 cinnamon, 42 cloves, 43 pepper, 44 saffron;
  • animal notes : 45 leather, 46 musk, 47 butter;
  • Toasted notes : 48 toast, 49 toasted almond, 50 toasted hazelnut, 51 caramel, 52 coffee, 53 dark chocolate, 54 smoke.

- 54 playing cards summarize the real connection between aromas and wines.

- A complete book, richly illustrated, accompanies you, offering multiple ranges to practice and learn to taste the wines of France and the world. A precious amount of knowledge and pleasure for professionals and enthusiasts.
Browse and download an excerpt : Extrait LNDV.

" I used Le Nez du Vin at the beginning of ma career to train myself and develop my olfactory acuity. He still accompanies me today when I teach. In particular, it is a valuable aid for the training I provide to hotel school students, future ambassadors of taste who will carry the culture of wine throughout the world. »
Paolo Basso, Best Sommelier of the World 2013,
Best Sommelier of Europe 2010

Cloth box, carmine red, closed format 38.2 x 29.4 x 5.5 cm, weight 3,750 kg.

Made in France.

The flavours are guaranteed for 5 years. A box can be kept for up to ten years in good conditions.



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The nose of wine
French 🇫🇷
Jean Lenoir
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