Le Nez du Vin box: The oak barrel
  • Le Nez du Vin box: The oak barrel
  • Le Nez du Vin box: The oak barrel

Le Nez du Vin box: The oak barrel

Jean Lenoir

Jean Lenoir
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A new 2021 edition at the cutting edge of research. The book has been completely rewritten based on the most recent discoveries in history, forestry or chemistry that make it possible to better explain and ma how the oak barrel influences the sensory quality of the wine. From the species of oak to the winemaker's choices, it describes all the parameters that vary the intensity and quality of the woody character. Léa Desportes, wine writer and tasting trainer, is the author of the texts and supervised this reissue. Philippe Darriet, Director of the Research Unit at the Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin de Bordeaux, signe the preface. Browse and download the preface and foreword of the book This 56-page text, illustrated and educational, is complemented by a notebook that describes the making and the words of the barrel (4 pages). Unlike concrete and linox, which are "mute" in terms of aroma, wood modifies the bouquet of the wine. In this box, you will discover twelve notes that are most representative of the woodiness in the wines: 1 oak, 2 green wood (default), 3 coconut, 4 vanilla pod, 5 woody-spicy, 6 cloves, 7 smoky notes, 8 pharmaceutical notes, 9 fresh leather, 10 roasted coffee, 11 cooked sugar, 12 candied oranges. New in this new edition, each bottle is accompanied by a large cardboard card (16 x 23 cm) which tells the origin of the note in the wine. View and download the roasted coffee sheet, one of the new additions to the selection Finally, the box is adorned with a new green look, bright and contemporary. An essential complement to the 54 aromas: all great wines and spirits pass through an oak barrel. An essential tool for professionals (winemakers, coopers, nologists, sommeliers, etc.) and amateurs who want to "go further". "In this book Le fût de chêne, which accompanies the box of 54 aromas of the Le Nez du Vin collection created by Jean Lenoir, Léa Desportes has invested herself with talent. It faithfully describes the stages that give rise to the barrel, sheds light on the expertise of the coopers, on the delicate choices of the winemaker wishing to improve his wine by a passage in barrels. It is a stimulating invitation to discover and deepen through reading what wood reveals about wine, before experiencing it through the senses." Philippe Darriet, Director of the Oenology Research Unit at the Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin de Bordeaux. Made in France. The flavours are guaranteed for 5 years. A box can be kept for about ten years in good conditions.



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Jean Lenoir
The nose of wine
Jean Lenoir
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